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The History

Michael R. West founded Cloud Thirteen Productions in the early 2000’s after a class at The Workshops in Rockport, Maine. With previous experience in the editing room, West found the course to be enlightening experiencing and idea going from conception to completion. In such a fast-paced course, building experience was necessary for the future.

Shortly after taking the course, fellow filmmaker Bryce Dion proposed a short. Armed with 2 newly purchased DV Cameras, the two set out to shoot Silence. In just a couple of weeks a final cut of the short was created. Prior to that West joined Unicow! Productions as an editor and camera operator. Alongside the producer of Unicow! numerous trailers, shorts and features were completed.

In 2004, Satan & The Saint premiered at the Queens Film Festival in New York City. Shortly after in 2005, Tiny Tim: The Last Hurrah hit the shelves at Amazon & CustomFlix. In 2006, working almost non-stop for 4 months an animated comic book called The Blue Knight was produced from artwork from Unicow! Productions. Before the sudden halt of Unicow!, The Blue Knight was being considered by Comic Book stores, specialty stores and various shops in New England.

Over the next couple of years, West wrote various screenplays including Medulla, which was nominated in 2008 for ‘Best Crime Drama’ & ‘Best Comedy Scene’ at the Action On Film International Film Festival and At Last, Alone, which won Runner-Up in 2010. Joining with another writer during the summer of 2009, West helped write the TV Spec Pilot Lunch. This was his first time directing/producing. Submitting to a few festivals around the country, very quickly Lunch won an ‘Official Finalist’ award in 2010.

During the production of Lunch, West met Brett Leigh who was in the cast. Through a friendly meeting, an idea was presented to West by Leigh about Film Festivals. Both having experiences with submitting to and attending film festivals the ideas of mocking the trade seemed to pour out on paper into the unforgettable script. In just a couple of months in early 2010, Festival pre-production had begun.

After 11 months of pre to post production, Festival was completed. Submissions to festivals around the world was the next step. In April of 2011 Festival had its world premiere. With crowds upwards of 100+ people laughed and loved the film. West & Leigh had created a wonderful little film. West & Leigh have since won an award from the American International Film Festival 2011 for ‘Best Director’ / ‘Best Comedy’.

Currently Lunch is being marketed in the industry for a full season of episodes, Festival continues to be accepted to film festivals and is now being considered for distribution while West pre-produces his new short Night.



Here are some fun facts about the projects in progress.

The idea behind B.E.L. COMPUTER was developed from true events in an actual job from the life of its writer.
MEDULLA was written while working at an insurance firm (the suckiest job (and company) on the planet) doing computer technical support for 6 months.
TROUBLE IN ORLANDO was actually derived from the happenings of 2 friends who actually filmed a short and a feature (a sort of home movie).
Cloud Thirteen Productions was originally KoRnhead13 Productions but was changed due to copyright violations. Big surprise, right?